On a Mission: Improving Oral Health at Home and Abroad

At Aviator Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care to children in Watauga, TX. But our dedication doesn’t stop there. Recently, Dr. Jairo Montoya embarked on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, bringing much-needed dental healthcare to an underserved community. The journey and its challenges made a lasting impact on the community and Dr. J himself. He and the rest of the Aviator team plan to apply the lessons learned to the care we provide Texas families. 

Working with World of Smiles in La Romana

Dr. J is a proud part of World of Smiles, a dental outreach nonprofit organization. The program provided oral health support to school children in La Romana. Some of the vital treatments performed by Dr. J and his colleagues include: 

  • Preventative fluoride treatments
  • Cavity and cracked tooth repairs
  • Root canal therapy
  • Tooth extractions
  • Frenectomies for tongue ties

Aviator Pediatric Dentistry is proud that our Watauga children’s dentist could contribute his expertise to this community. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 45% of children aged 1 to 9 in the Dominican Republic have untreated dental caries. Programs like World of Smiles and treatments like those provided by Dr. J can help reduce that number directly through care and indirectly through oral health education.

Our Continuing Mission to You 

Back home, Dr. J continues to offer similar high-quality care to you and your family. While dental education and access to resources are better in Texas, there are still gaps. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services reports that, between 2020 and 2021, over 15% of children didn’t visit a dentist for preventative care. In particular, those aged five and under were more likely to have lacked annual care. 

Improving and maintaining pediatric oral health is a team effort that starts early. When you partner with us, even your littlest ones receive comprehensive services in a welcoming environment. We offer everything from routine cleanings to specialized treatments like airway dentistry. Visiting Aviator Pediatric Dentistry is more than just a twice-a-year task. It’s an opportunity for dental education and empowerment. 

Pediatric Oral Health Care Is Paramount

Dental health is critical for overall well-being, yet it’s often last on everyone’s list. The reasons are valid—time, expense, access, or anxiety. However, poor dental hygiene can cause infections, chronic pain, tooth loss, and even cardiovascular problems. All that is preventable with cleanings and exams, which give us a chance to spot problems and stop them in their tracks. 

However, you may still be hindered by cost and access, so we take steps to eliminate those issues. For financing and insurance, we accept most insurances as well as Medicaid and CHIP. To fit your schedule, you can complete new patient forms and book appointments online. By combining these conveniences with our treatments, we work to promote healthier smiles. 

Strong Starts Ensure Stable Smiles

Dr. J’s Dominican Republic mission trip highlighted the critical need for accessible dental healthcare for children, not just in La Romana but everywhere. While the journey brought immediate relief to an underserved community, it reinforced the importance of ongoing care and education. There are still children who don’t get the treatment they need, even in Watauga, and Aviator Pediatric Dentistry is always looking for ways to make a difference. That can start with you. Let us make a difference in your family’s life—schedule an appointment today

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