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Early Orthodontic Intervention for Children: Phase 1 in Watuga, TX

At Aviator Pediatric Dentistry, we set the foundation of your child’s overall oral health. No treatment is as important as early intervention to recognize and stop issues before they have the chance to make an impact. From your child’s first baby tooth onward, we’ll do our part for your child’s smile to soar well into adulthood.

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What is Early Orthodontic Intervention?

Phase 1 early orthodontic intervention is a preemptive strategy intended to prevent or lessen future orthodontic needs. With corrective appliances and guidance, early childhood alignment problems are proactively corrected and mitigated. Even though baby teeth fall out naturally, your dentist will make sure they do so when they’re ready and leave space for the healthy development of their adult teeth.

Children are recommended to receive their first orthodontic examination at age seven. At this age, their full set of primary teeth are usually visible. In addition, their jaws and oral structures are relatively flexible to comfortably receive early treatments.

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Does My Child Need Early Orthodontic Intervention?

A visit for an early orthodontic examination is recommended to all children once their baby teeth have erupted, but here are a few symptoms that phase 1 intervention addresses:

  • Crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth
  • Protruding front or bottom teeth
  • Habitual thumb or fingersucking
  • Speech issues
  • Airway or mouth breathing issues
  • A shifting jaw creating an under or overbite
  • Baby teeth that are obstructing adult teeth from emerging

Even if your child doesn’t have any of the symptoms above, a phase 1 orthodontic visit is helpful. It gives us an early look at your child’s development to make sure their teeth are on track for healthy growth. We also get the chance to discuss potential treatment plans so you’ll fully know what to expect as your child grows.

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Space Maintainers

Baby teeth are meant to fall out, but if one is removed prematurely it can cause expensive problems down the road. If a tooth is removed early through trauma, extraction, or decay, a space maintainer can be used to ensure a child’s adult tooth grows well-positioned and healthy.


Dental space maintainers are a device worn to preserve space for an adult tooth. When a baby tooth leaves an early gap, the surrounding teeth may shift and crowd the empty space. This could lead to many orthodontic issues from overcrowding to impacting once their adult teeth begin to emerge. There are several types of space retainers that are either fixed or removable. During your child’s examination, we’ll suggest the best type for their needs to promote their smile’s healthy development.

Smart, Preventative Care at Aviator Pediatric Dentistry

With early attention, we strive to treat and prevent problems before they make an impact. As your child’s teeth grow, we’ll be at their side for comfortable, caring treatment at every stage. To schedule their next appointment, contact us today and visit our team at Aviator Pediatric Dentistry.

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